— Rino Duniš
Mayor of the Municipality of Grožnjan, 1993-2013

More than twenty years ago at the Municipality of Grožnjan,…

…at a meeting between representatives of the IU, UPT, Municipality of Grožnjan and the Italian Community of Grožnjan, a future collaboration with the Community and the Municipality of Grožnjan, City of Artists, Centre for Artists and International Centre of Culture was discussed. We also discussed Istria Nobilissima, Ex Tempore of Rovinj and Piran, and asked ourselves: “Shall we try to organise an Ex Tempore in Grožnjan?”

The idea was accepted and supported by all. By mutual agreement, the choice was to organise Ex Tempore at the beginning of autumn, setting the date for the last weekend of September, thus prolonging Grožnjan’s cultural summer but also because the landscape of Grožnjan and its surroundings are particularly beautiful and inspiring during this time of year. After twenty years, we can say that the ‘experiment’ was successful. We all know how much this event has grown over the years, and what it represents today. In addition to the artistic value, it also has a strong social value. It has strengthened the friendship between the organising bodies and contributed to good neighbourly relations between different peoples and cultures in this border area. I would say that Ex Tempore is now part of the historical and cultural heritage of Grožnjan and, as such, it must be protected and safeguarded. It is our duty to thank all the artists who have participated and everyone who has worked for Ex Tempore in Grožnjan over the last twenty years: the members and activists of the IC of Grožnjan, all the members of the twenty juries, and the employees of the IU, the UPT and the Municipality of Grožnjan. I also want to remember the great contribution of professors Luciano Rossit, Antonio Pellizzer, Sergio Molesi and the artist Bruno Chersicla who unfortunately are no longer with us. Personally, I thank Maurizio Tremul, Alessandro Rossit and Giuliana Dešković Krevatin, with whom I collaborated and worked on all twenty editions. Every year during the day of the awards, I said to myself: “Grožnjan is particularly beautiful today… and it must stay beautiful! Therefore, Ex Tempore of Grožnjan must go on!”