— Lorella Limoncin Toth
Art critic

I remember well the beginnings of Ex Tempore of Grožnjan.

It was 1994, and I was the artistic director of the Fonticus city gallery. This was a time of great changes, crises and struggles, but also of great enthusiasm, when the institutions worked hard trying to give life to new initiatives. At that time the war had not yet ended and in 1993, the Municipality of Grožnjan had just been established with the new territorial organisation.

This town, at the time, was trying to maintain its status as a city of art via various initiatives. Many artists who had lived there and who belonged to the states of the former Yugoslavia had been forced to leave, and many galleries were vacated. It was thanks to the artists who permanently resided in the town, as well as the international association of musical youth and the activity carried out by the municipal gallery Fonticus, that it was possible to overcome that difficult period. Furthermore, the newly established Municipality of Grožnjan managed to create various cultural initiatives that have developed over the years, becoming a point of attraction for several artists who live outside the territories in which the Italian National Community in Croatia and Slovenia historically operates. The artists come not only for the substantial prizes and prestige awarded to the winners of this event, but because this is an opportunity to celebrate, a way to meet new people, present themselves and share good energies. The picturesque Grožnjan fills with joy and becomes an open-air gallery, its streets and squares filled with thousands of colours.