— Mauro Gorjan
President of the Italian Community of Grožnjan

With every new edition, not only does the number of participants grow,…

…but Ex Tempore also sees a steady growth when it comes to the activities of the jury.Hundreds of art pieces are displayed in every possible space of the town, and the crowds on the main streets complicate even more the timing and the quality of the Commission’s activities.

It was necessary to digitise the art pieces, and modern IT tools allow it. These activities consist of three phases: one, in the submission phase, the photo of each art piece is delivered with attention to the protocol number assigned to each piece; two, after all the pieces have been submitted, they are matched to their unique numbers assigned in the previous phase, and three, they are finally projected to the jury. Obviously, it is facilitating for the jury, but they still have to walk the streets to experience the visual impact of all the displayed pieces. The aforementioned digitisation has been appreciated by the jury since its first usage, and the benefits it has brought certainly result in a better consultation and assessment of the displayed pieces in the town of Grožnjan. Many artists have been participating for years, and they come early in the morning just to place their piece in the same place as they have in previous years.